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  • Wines to Drink All Fall Season  

    As the temperature drops, many think it’s time to retire the white wines and rosés they’ve been enjoying all summer long in favor of more full-bodied red wines. But fall is the perfect time to enjoy a range of wines, from white to pink to red – as long as you know which grape varieties to choose. The best fall wines are more complex than the light and fruity wines of the summer, but they aren’t as rich as the wines you’ll drink by the fireplace in February.  Continue reading

  • Summer Wines that Won’t Waste your Time

    The hot weather is here and it’s staying around for a bit longer. For these longer days of the year, you will want to find the perfect accompanying wine for your warm evenings. Wine, spritzers, and sangrias are all wonderful ways to unwind after a long day. Types of wines will vary from white to rosé and even some lighter reds to touching some of the deeper reds. No matter what you choose, we have some great suggestions for you!  Continue reading

  • California (Wine) Dreaming

    I Wish they all could be California Wines…

    Being the third largest state of the US isn’t an easy task, but California makes it a breeze. The State, in general, offers such a diverse offering of wines and flavors that come from the soil, winemakers, and climate. California has over 100 AVA, which are geographical areas recognized for grape growing and has distinguishable growing conditions such as soil, climate, and elevation. The most famous of California areas, and maybe even in the United States is the Napa Valley. Continue reading

  • Perfect Wines to Welcome the Spring

    Welcome out of hibernation, springtime is right around the corner and what better way to celebrate the sun coming back out than with wine! Cool mornings and mildly warm afternoons make you want to put away the heavy reds and welcome the fruity and crisp whites back in your life. Continue reading

  • White Wine Grapes in Virginia

    White Wine Grapes for Virginia Soil

    Which White Wine Grapes Grow Best in Virginia?

    If you’re starting a vineyard in Virginia and want to produce white wine, some varietals do better in the soil and weather conditions than others. (If you want to produce red wine, we can help with that too! Check out our guide to the best varieties to grow for red wine here.) A lot of new vineyard owners prefer to grow white wine grapes in Virginia because certain varieties produce fruit very soon after first being planted. Red wine grape varieties, on the other hand, can take a couple extra years to produce fruit at their full capacity. Additionally, white certain white wine grapes in Virginia are resistant to disease and fungus, so your harvest will be safe even if something wipes out red wine varieties. Read on for our recommendations on white wine grape varietals to grow in Virginia.

    White Wine Grapes in Virginia

    If you want to make white wine, we can help you choose the right grapes for Virginia soil.

    Continue reading

  • Red Wine Grapes in Virginia

    Red Wine Grapes for Virginia Soil

    Which Red Wine Grapes Grow Best in Virginia?

    If you’re looking to start a vineyard, you probably have some questions about red wine grapes in Virginia. What grapes grow well? Should I grow red or white? When will the vines produce fruit? Every area has grapes that flourish and others that falter based on the weather, altitude, geography, and soil. While Virginia’s mild climate allows many grapes to grow well, some wine grapes grow better in Virginia than others. If you have questions about what red wine grapes to grow in Virginia, here’s a guide to the best varieties. Continue reading