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  • Virginia, a top producer of wine in the United States

    Virginia, a top producer of wine in the United States..

    ..With 10 different wine regions and 8 AVAs (American Viticultural Area), there is no shortage of wine tours to experience this summer if you are a Virginia native or just visiting.

    Starting in the southern rural portion of Virginia

    You will find the Blue Ridge Wine region, home to the North Fork of Roanoke AVA and the Rocky Knob AVA. Here you will find 13 wineries and vineyards, a meadery, and a cidery. The Appalachian Trail runs through this region, and it is known for outdoor activities. There are 11 state parks in Southwest Virginia, meaning itโ€™s the perfect place to stop for a wine tasting, grab a bottle for the road, and find a camping spot or cabin to wind down. The area has plenty of options for accommodations, from rustic cabins to charming B&Bs and boutique inns, there is something for everyone. If youโ€™re a fan of bluegrass music you can pop into the Floyd Country Store on Sunday afternoon for an old-time jam session with locals, bring your banjo or dancing skills!

    Visiting Blacksburg?

    If you are, you might come across Beliveau Farm. This winery is one you certainly wonโ€™t want to miss, and you will walk away a bit more relaxed. Beliveau Farm offers a delightful escape, boasting beautiful lavender fields and award-winning wines. There is a bed & breakfast on-site if youโ€™d like to enjoy yourself overnight, and events ranging from a Lavender Festival to a Wizarding Murder Mystery! Chambouricn up your alley? Take a sip of their 2021 Warm Glow that won VA Governorโ€™s Cup Silver. Merlot more your speed? You may want to take this time to become a wine club member and taste their award-winning 2017 Estate Reserve Merlot – the only catch is itโ€™s limited to Club members! Not ready to join the club, donโ€™t worry – they have quite a few award-winning wines on-site for you.

    Looking for a luxurious stay?

    Take a peek at Nicewonder Farm & Vineyards. Nestled into the mountains on 450 acres, you have the option of staying the night in the boutique inn or experiencing a night in the yurt village, which still seems to have the amenities of a luxurious experience. While youโ€™re there, stop into the restaurant where you will find a James Beard Finalist and incredibly tantalizing tastebuds after your first bite. After a restful night’s sleep, you can head over to the sister property, The Virginia Golf Club, with a course designed by Tom Fazio.

    Virginia has this miraculous ability to encompass so many different types of regions and cultures, and thus within each AVA and wine region

    The cultures of the areas they reside are as prominent as the terroir. These are only a couple of the incredible wineries that you will find in the Blue Ridge wine region, so be sure to make a trip down to this region for some R&R and check out some of the award-winning wines it has to offer.


  • Charlottesville Area Named Wine Region of The Year!

    Charlottesville area named wine region of the year

    The Monticello American Viticultural Area won the top spot against four other acclaimed wine regions located around the world

    CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va (CBS19 NEWS) — The Charlottesville area has been named wine region of the year in a publication’s 2023 Wine Star Awards. The Charlottesville Albemarle Convention & Visitors Bureau and the Monticello Wine Trail hosted a special evening of wine, food, and community to celebrate Wednesday night. Continue reading

  • Your Guide to Eco-Friendly Wine

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  • What You Need To Know To Get The Most Out Of A Wine Tasting

    You want to enjoy a tour and wine tasting at a winery in your area but feel intimidated. Donโ€™t worry, you don’t have to be an expert to enjoy a wine tasting. These events are an amazing way for you to get to know your local winery, learn a little bit about wine and to enjoy new wines. Read further to learn what you need to know before heading out to a wine tasting at a winery near you.ย  Continue reading

  • Wine and Winding Roads: Day 4

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