Summer Wines that Won’t Waste your Time

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The hot weather is here and it’s staying around for a bit longer. For these longer days of the year, you will want to find the perfect accompanying wine for your warm evenings. Wine, spritzers, and sangrias are all wonderful ways to unwind after a long day. Types of wines will vary from white to rosé and even some lighter reds to touching some of the deeper reds. No matter what you choose, we have some great suggestions for you! 

Fine White Wines 

Heat and cool white wines are a pair that have gone together for ages. White whiles are versatile in that they can be drunk on their own, or be part of your favorite spritzer or summer sangria. What you’ll want to look for is white with a slightly dry taste, a light body, and some acidity to balance it all out.  There are multiple types of whites that are good for whatever you want it to turn out such as Rieslings, Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc, and other white blends. My personal favorite for summertime is the Sauvignon Blanc, which I use to drink as normal or to add in sangria with many fruits and a lemon-lime soda. If you aren’t the biggest fan of white wines, never fear there are other wines for you to enjoy! 

Rosé All Day

These wines have the longevity to get you through the summer, winter, and back to spring! Rosés should be enjoyed within a year or two of bottling and the production year. This is due to the crispness and acidity that rosés are known for will start to go away with time. Even though they are known for their fruitiness that doesn’t always mean that they will be sweet. Most will be dry with a hint of fruitiness at the end with some sweet notes here and there. Some good rosés to try over the summer would be sparkling rosés, regular rosés, and pinot noir rosés.

 Red, Red Wine

While you might want to avoid heavy wines in the summer, there are other reds that you can choose. You will most likely want to look for something that will taste good when it’s colder or chilled and something with lower acidity. When looking for these wines, it’s usually safe to go for those that are more mixed and has notes of sangria. You can also count on the following wines to be a good go-to for when you’re ready to dive into the world of red wine such as pinot noir, cinsault, and Zweigelt. 

Much to do about Wine 

As I mentioned there are multiple delicious items to drink during your summer weekends, evenings, and vacations. Sangria is ultimately a summertime favorite because of its versatility between whichever fruits you decide to add to the wine you use. Wine is a great accompaniment to any meal or just as a cocktail before dinner. Deciding what you want can be a chore, but whatever you decide to choose you’ll make the right decision for you!

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