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Secluded 10.4 Acre Biodynamic Olive Farm, Vineyard, and Winery Estate with Panoramic Views of Northern Aegean Sea

The Katsoureika Cellars Estate is an off-the-grid, luxurious biodynamic farm with a vineyard, olive groves, and winery located outside the village of Spatharei on the southwest side of the Greek island of Samos.

This exclusive private residence has been cultivated and developed for over 30 years by a professional interior designer and her artist husband into a thoughtfully curated, peaceful, and tranquil getaway free from pollution and the stressors of modern life.

From nearly every vantage point on the property, you can take in the expansive, ethereal, panoramic view of the Aegean Sea, neighboring islands of Patmos, Fourni, and Ikaria, and Mount Kerkis and the Bay of Marathokampos.

Enjoy living in a breathtaking and everchanging living masterpiece by Mother Nature with spectacular and unobstructed sunrises and sunsets.

You can either enjoy and continue to run the estate as a strictly private residence labeling your biodynamic wines and olive oil to enjoy from your cellar and share with friends.

Or you could develop and expand this extraordinary estate into a commercial biodynamic boutique winery and olive oil production operation with retail sales and build an ecotourism destination in Samos, Greece, focusing on educational workshops, short-term rentals, and hosting events.

The potential for expanding this estate into a commercial business is high since it is on the cutting edge of the number one worldwide growth category in the consumption of wines made exclusively using biodynamic and non-toxic methods.

Main House

The main house, built in 2014, comes fully furnished and features an open floor plan with an antique French fireplace and an en suite bathroom with a petrified wood sink and Bulgarian limestone shower and vanity countertop.

The kitchen has custom-designed and built cabinetry, Bulgarian limestone countertops, and a Shaws of Darwen fireclay farm sink.

The floors are antique French tiles, and the ceiling is finished in the traditional Greek wood beam and bamboo style. The French doors off the main living area lead to two outdoor seating areas and an outdoor stone shower.

Stone Guest Cottage

The charming historic stone cottage has been fully restored and comes fully furnished with a mixture of Greek antiques and new furnishings. There is a stone fireplace, stone floors, a stone bench, a traditional Greek wood beam and bamboo ceiling, and a sleeping loft. The three French doors open onto pergola-covered stone terraces.

A few steps away, around the olive tree growing out of the terrace, is another building housing a marble shower and marble bench, bathroom with an old marble sink and toilet, and a washing machine with a storage area.

Outdoor Living Areas

There are seven outdoor living areas; some are covered in pergolas and with stone pavers,  all with incredible views.

Outside the main house is a partially shaded stone terrace where you can dine, sunbathe on the chaise lounges, or sit by the pond and enjoy the sunset. There is an outdoor shower where you can cool off and even have a candle-lit evening rinse. Also near the koi pond is an outdoor sitting area with an expansive view of Mount Kerkis, the sea with neighboring islands, and the valleys with villages and the garden below.

Outside the stone guest cottage are more stone-paved terraces with pergolas to enjoy outdoor dining, a traditional stone bake oven (great for baking bread, pizzas, and stews), and a stone bench with cushions and awning, all facing the incredible expansive views of the Aegean Sea and neighboring islands.

Behind the stone cottage is a shaded sitting area near the garden pond, with a hammock nearby to enjoy a nap.

The historic wheat-threshing floor is a great area to sit and dine, watching the sunsets or an early morning cup of coffee while enjoying views of the sea.  It could eventually be covered and used as an event space.

Wine Cellar

The wine cellar is on the ground floor of the main house. Currently there is space for 1,360 bottles of wine with room for expansion. The wine storage is custom designed and built, with accents of old brick. The space is used now for making wine, and five French oak barrels are used to age the wine. There is the opportunity to expand and build a new building near the vineyard to make the wine (chai) and have a wine tasting room with sea views.

There is another room adjacent to the wine cellar used for storage cellar space but could be a future guest room or office. An exterior door from this room leads to a pergola-covered terrace and garden area. The pergola-covered terrace could be turned into a glass-walled garden bedroom and half bath.

Syrah, Grenache, Mourvedre, Carignan, Viognier, and Chenin Blanc are the varietals that are grown on-site and used to create the Katsoureika Cellars’ high-end signature blended wines. About 650-700 bottles of red and 100 bottles of white are produced annually.

The Vineyard

Currently, 1.5 acres/ .6 hectares are fully developed vineyards (600 vines). A study to expand the vineyard has been made, and permits required to complete the expansion are pending. There are another approximately 3 acres/1.2 hectares available for future planting if desired.

Katsoureika Cellars’ Signature Dry Moscato is made from grapes obtained from a partner who has a 150-year-old organic vineyard located high in a mountainous region of Samos. About 150 bottles are produced each year. More could be produced.

The Olive Groves

Our area, Katsoureika, is allegedly the oldest settlement on the island when it was resettled in 1500 CE after being abandoned for 100 years due to piracy and plague.  The new inhabitants sought high grounds where they were safe and had a vast view of the sea. The ruins and watering places are still to be found. They started to work the steep mountain slopes and created terraces, protected from erosion by dry-stacked walls, on which they planted olive, carob, almond, and walnut trees. These walls are masterpieces of craftsmanship and remind us of the stonemason skills of the Incas. Most of the olive groves on our property date from this time and are about 500 years old. However, few trees have survived in their original form as most have succumbed to forest fires.  Fortunately, “Olivia”, a huge 500-year-old olive tree in front of the original stone cottage, was spared.

The good news is that olive trees are virtually indestructible. No matter how much they get burned, damaged, or even cut down, their roots run strong and deep. They grow back.   These are genuinely noble trees and stand as living witnesses of history.

There are 205 olive trees on the property, most being the old Throubolia, with additional land to expand the groves. Out of these trees, a grove of 30 young Throubolia was planted three years ago, and a grove of 25 young Koroneiki trees was planted this year. There are also 6 Kalamata Olive trees for culinary use.

The olives are taken to a cold press olive oil facility that uses the highest quality equipment and methods. On average, our oil has tested and yielded 3-5% acidity levels (well under the EU  8% maximum allowance for extra virgin olive oil).

Out Buildings and Storage Areas

The photovoltaic system powers the main house, cellar,  guest house, bathroom, shower, and all outbuildings.  The 24-volt, 3000 W, 50-70 Hz system has 6 solar panels, 12 2-volt lead gel batteries, a battery charger, a color display with remote control and an inverter. The photovoltaic system can be expanded by adding more solar panels, more batteries and one or more extra – “stackable” inverters. The battery charger would have to be upgraded.

The solar system is housed in an outbuilding close to the housing complex and has plenty of space for storage.  Mounted on top of the solar building is a wind turbine.

There are several sources of water on the estate.  One source is pipes buried in the road that brings water in from the village. The water is stored in a 10 cubic meter cistern above the vineyard.  The second source of water is a nearby mountain spring which water is pumped into two black storage tanks that hold 5 cubic meters of water each and are located above the vineyard.  The third water source is a large water collection cistern near the main house holding 75 cubic meters, which can be used to irrigate the garden.  Lastly, there are several water veins on the property where a well can be dug.  Permits are pending at this time to put in a well.

The cost of the utilities is only for water and is nominal.

A small outbuilding was constructed near the main house but has not been completed. It can be finished and turned into a chicken house, meditation room, or play house.  The structure is complete; you can finish and turn it into whatever you fancy.

There are several other small storage areas near the main house, including one for wood.


The following equipment for operating the estate is included in the sale of the property.

Wine-making equipment:

  • Six French oak barrels
  • Stainless steel fermentation vats (1,300 liters total)
  • Glass carboys
  • Wine press
  • Electric grape crusher / destemmer
  • Manual grape crusher
  • Manual bottling and corking equipment
  • Measuring equipment
  • Harvest crates

Olive oil equipment:

  • Electric finger or olive shaking tool with a small mobile generator for fieldwork
  • Separator to remove leaves from olives
  • Nets

Other equipment:

  • Car trailer
  • Four-wheeler with trailer
  • Cement mixer
  • Chipper
  • 2 Generators
  • 3 (light, medium and heavy duty) Chainsaws
  • 3 Gas-powered weed eaters
  • Tillers
  • Garden tools (spades, cultivators, axes and hoses)
  • Pruning shears, tie dispensers

Expansion Opportunities

Katsoureika Cellars is currently run as a private biodynamic and organic estate but could be developed into a commercial boutique wine and olive oil business.  Licensing and permits would be required to complete this expansion, and some applications for these are already pending.

We’ve offered private wine and olive grove tours and tastings to friends and family, plus their friends. During this “beta phase,” contacts have expressed the desire to stay on-site. We  envision that a lucrative opportunity is available to build and develop eco-cottages for guests to stay in luxury and enjoy the complete experience of living on a working estate while enjoying the peaceful surroundings, incredible views, and farm-to-table produce. In addition to the wine and olive oil tastings and tours, cooking classes, organic and biodynamic farming classes, health/wellness classes, business retreats, and getaways could be offered.

We envision this commercial enterprise could capitalize upon the “lifestyle business” of a self-sustaining, environmentally-friendly estate.  The property has been developed with the mindset of functionality in balance with beauty, preservation with innovation, and productivity in harmony with renewal.

The potential for expanding the estate is high. The infrastructure is in place, and current assets include: 

  1. A “move-in” ready, luxurious private residence and guest quarters, Wifi equipped.
  2. A partially renovated townhouse in the nearby Village of Spathariei affords the new owner the opportunity to house additional guests or estate managers/workers. Certain improvements have been made to the home, including a laundry facility, and the new owner will be able to determine how the townhouse is optimally utilized and complete the renovations.
  3. As residents of the area for 30 years, we have developed a comprehensive list of resources. This “human capital” will give the new owners a solid and practical foundation for conducting business and daily living. The list includes our architect, attorney,  accountant, oenologist, forestry expert, garden centers, builder, carpenter, plumber, electrician, general laborers, as well as vendors for many other services such as a physician, dentist, physical therapist, manicurist and even a great hairdresser.
  4. Wine and Olive Oil Cultivation Equipment
  5. Seasonal Wine and Olive Oil Tastings/Newsletter Mailing List
  6. Ideas for New Wine Facility/Tasting Room
  7. Ideas for Expansion/ Renovation Village House
  8. Ideas for Eco Cottages
  9. Pending applications for wine growing permit, olive oil, and wine export
  10. If desired, we will negotiate a consulting contract with the buyer, especially if the objective is to expand the commercial business.

Building expansion:

  1. Near the housing compound, 286.32 sq meters can still be built, such as a house, pool, and chai/winetasting room/garage.
  2. On one plot of land with olive groves, 308.31 sq meters can be built of eco-cottages or another house.
  3. On another plot of land with olive groves, 283.74 sq meters can be built of eco-cottages or another house.
  4. 34.1 sq meters remaining to expand the Spatharei village house

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  • Greek Winery - $1,250,000
  • For Immediate Service: +1-866-794-6379
  • Email us for more details

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