Why Your Next Vacation Should Be At A Vineyard

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These days you see the term self care everywhere and with good reason. We have learned that a little self care can go a long way to help us stay well in mind, body and spirit. Take some time off and spoil yourself with a dream vacation at Les Source de Caudalie located on the Grand Cru vineyards in Bordeaux, France. Surrounding yourself with a beautiful vineyard in a country specializing in romance is the perfect way to practice a little (or a lot) of self care.ย 


The hotel at Les Source de Caudalie consists of rooms, junior suites and suites. The rooms are exquisitely decorated by designers such as Delphine Minevet and Rabih Kayrouz in a variety of styles which reflect the local area. The rooms at Les Source offer views of the stunning Grand Cru Vineyards and surrounding countryside. If you are craving solitude rent The Mansion of Chateau Le Thil located a mile from the hotel. The Mansion is surrounded by forest and is a dream escape for those craving solitude surrounded by nature.ย 


Les Source has everything you need for the perfect getaway. If your idea of relaxing is spending time exercising amongst beautiful scenery, you can take advantage of Les Sourceโ€™s fitness center and classes or tennis lessons.ย  However to get a real feel for the french lifestyle take a bike ride, hike or walk throughout the almost 5 miles of vineyards and woods at your disposal. The resort is known for its famous spa treatments which are made from grapes, wine and grapevines. Indulge in their lovely treatments while enjoying the spa’s natural hot spring.


If youโ€™dย  like to explore the neighboring area, check out the city of Bordeaux located just 20 minutes from the Grand Cru Vineyard. You can enjoy everything that this beautiful French city has to offer and know that at the end of the day you can return to your luxurious room to rest and relax. The hotel can assist you with scheduling a variety of trips such as a chauffeur driven tour of the area, a relaxing boat ride to Bordeaux or Arcachon Bay or really splurge by scheduling an amazing helicopter ride over the gorgeous French countryside.ย 


Les Source at Caudalie was created as a wellness getaway focused on the healthy French lifestyle. At the heart of the French lifestyle is wine and good food. You can enjoy both at one of the three restaurants at the resort.ย  At La Grande Vigne, the chef creates five course and seven course meals created to compliment the wonderful wines of the region. If you prefer, enjoy (in true French fashion) a more casual bistro style meal at La Table du Lavoir or stop by Rouge to enjoy a picnic style meal on their lovely patio while taking in the beautiful views of the Grand Cru Vineyard. At the end of your day stop into French Paradox to relax with a glass of amazing french wine from Grand Cru Vineyard..ย 


While taking advantage of some of the lovely amenities that Les Source has to offer be sure to schedule one of the many events offered. Learn how to cook French cuisine by taking aย  two hour cooking class led by the chef. After you learn how to create an amazing dish, you will enjoy lunch at Le Grand Vigne. Make an appointment for aย  guided tour of the vineyard and winery or explore the โ€œAwakened Forestโ€ and art installation (all local artists) located on the grounds. Have you been longing for something really special? Enjoy sweeping views of the landscape during a carriage ride through the vineyard. Before your stay is over be sure to enjoy a wine tasting and get all of your wine related questions answered.ย 

Often we wait for the perfect time to treat ourselves to an indulgent getaway. During the past couple of years, we learned that everything can change at any time. The best time to indulge in your health and well being is today so donโ€™t wait to treat yourself. Book an indulgent stay at Les Source de Caudalie and explore the world of wine, wineries and vineyards while pampering yourself body and soul.ย 


What is the best time of year to visit a winery?

Late summer to early fall is the best time of year to visit a winery. The vines will be heavy with grapes and the vineyard will be full of energy as they get ready for harvest.ย 

Can you visit wineries without tasting?ย 

Yes you are able to check out the tasting room without obligation and some wineries may allow you to walk around the winery.ย 

What are the 5 famous wines of France?

According to Advanced Mixology, Bordeaux is Franceโ€™s most famous wine region where you can find famed grape varieties like Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Malbec, Sauvignon Blanc and Merlot.

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