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European Wineries

It’s hard to know where to begin with European wineries. That is partly because of the vast land masses that make up Europe. The other part of the equation is the fact that wineries in Europe have existed for what feels like forever, and makes up all of modern history. Wine Folly does a great job at doing a quick summary map for types of wines produced above, but it goes so far beyond that. With over 14,000 wineries to choose from, it’s hard to imagine there isn’t one to match your dream European winery.

Pathway Under Clouds And Blue Sky

European Vineyards

Vineyards in the EU make up 45% of all the vineyards in the world. 74% of the total vines in the EU are located in France, Spain & Italy. More than half the vines are red varieties, and a majority are vines are older than 10 years, and a large portion of those are older than 30 years. This is something that is fairly unique to Europe given that wineries and vineyards in the US are generally newer.

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