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    • Winery/Vineyard in Porto

      Winery/Vineyard in Porto

      This winery/vineyard is a rare find, conveniently located in the district around Portugal’s second-largest city. The property has 12.5 hectares (30.9 acres) of land that are ideal for
      View Property

    • Winery in Douro, Portugal

      Winery in Douro, Portugal

      This 18-acre farm winery is tucked away in one of Portugal’s most scenic wine regions in the picturesque Porto Ferrado, located in the parish of Santa Crus do
      View Property

    • Herdade das Castas Nobres

      Herdade das Castas Nobres

      Herdade Das Castas Nobres is located in the municipality of Redondo, just 1.5 km from the village of Redondo, a characteristic Alentejo village, with all the facilities, services
      View Property

    • Quinta Chão de Lamas

      Quinta Chão de Lamas

      Manor house, winery, and vineyard situated in Central Portugal dating from 1777, with 7,5 hectares of land, 2 further apartments, swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi, and much more. The Quinta
      View Property

    • Winter Creek Vines

      Winter Creek Vines

      The property is situated in central Portugal, less than a 15 minute drive from the once capital of Portugal, Coimbra. Located in the beautiful village of Chao de
      View Property

    Vineyards in Portugal

    While Portugal may not be the first European wine producer to come to mind, the country was home to one of the world’s first designated wine producing areas. The region, Regiao Demarcada do Douro, is in the Douro Valley and is a favorite of wine-loving tourists. Portugal has two wine producing regions protected by UNESCO as World Heritage sites: Douro Valley and Pico Island. These protected regions, as well as Portugal’s other wine-producing areas each, produce wines with distinctive characteristics based on the terroir.


    Portuguese White Wine Grape Varieties


    Portugal is best known for red wines, but several noteworthy white wines are produced across the country. The white wines tend to be either aromatic and light or steely and full-bodied. More full-bodied whites are sometimes aged in oak barrels, but some white wine grapes in Portugal produce full-bodied wines even if not permitted to age. These are the top white wine grapes in Portugal:


    • Alvarinho

      grapes come from northern Portugal and are often bottled as a single variety (as opposed to being mixed with other types of grapes). Alvarinho wines are full-bodied and complex, but with surprisingly delicate fruity notes. Alvarinho wines can be consumed young or can be aged. The vines produce low yields but are hardy and likely to survive into the next season.

    • Fernao Pires

      is one of the most commonly grown white wine grapes in Portugal and can survive in most regions of the country. However, they grow best in warm or hot climates. Fernao Pires is not typically aged, but it can be used as a single variety or blended.

    • Arinto

      grapes are versatile and hardy, growing well in most of Portugal’s wine regions. Arinto wines have a good acidity and tend to have a mineral quality. Arinto’s high acidity means it can be blended and used in sparkling wines. Arinto grapes are also added to grapes with low acidity to improve the flavor of the resulting wine.


    Portuguese Red Wine Grape Varieties


    Portugal’s red wine varieties generally fit into two categories: robust reds and fruity reds. Most varieties are grown primarily in one region, and may take on different characteristics if planted elsewhere. These are the top red wine grapes in Portugal:


    • Touriga Nacional

      is widely considered to be Portugal’s best red wine grape variety. While Touriga Nacional is native to northern Portugal, it grows well across the country. The grapes are high in tannins and become incredibly complex as they age. The flavor is floral and fruit-forward with notes of herbs and licorice.

    • Baga

      grapes produce elegant wines that age incredibly well, but they’re known for being difficult to cultivate if planted in the wrong areas. The grapes ripen late in the season, so they don’t do well in cool, damp areas. Additionally, Baga grapes will only flourish if planted in clay soil with full sun exposure. Don’t plant Baga grapes if you’re in a very wet area, as the grapes are susceptible to rot.

    • Trincadeira

      grapes produce high quality wine when they’re ripe, but they aren’t able to fully ripen in all areas. Trincadeira grapes can be made into wine whether or not they’re fully ripe, but the wine will have different characteristics. Wine made from ripe Trincadeira grapes has a bright raspberry flavor and spicy, peppery notes. Wine made from under-ripe grapes is more herbaceous.

    • Tinta Roriz

      grapes (called Tempranillo in Spain) produce rich, robust wines with fruity and spicy flavors. The grapes ripen early in the season and are remarkably productive and hardy. These grapes can be planted in a variety of soils and climates, and flourish across Portugal, though they prefer hot, dry climates.


    Portuguese Wine Regions


    Delicious wine is produced across Portugal but there are several wine regions that are more popular with tourists because of the natural beauty and the high quality of the wines.


    • Douro

      is the oldest established wine-producing region in the world. Many of Portugal’s best wines are produced in the Douro Valley, and it’s in Douro that Port Wine was first created. Douro is best known as a Port producer but its table wines are internationally recognized.

    • Vinho Verde

      , a region in northwestern Portugal, produced approximately 85 million liters of Vinho Verde wine each year. Vinho Verde is especially acidic, but the flavor of a particular bottle is highly dependent on which grape varieties were blended together.