Perfect Wines to Welcome the Spring

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Welcome out of hibernation, springtime is right around the corner and what better way to celebrate the sun coming back out than with wine! Cool mornings and mildly warm afternoons make you want to put away the heavy reds and welcome the fruity and crisp whites back in your life.

A Bouquet on your Table and in your Glass?

Springtime welcomes the flowers and fruits back on the ground and also in your wines. Wines that remind you of fruit are back at the forefront of your mind and glass. For your review, Iโ€™ve included some of the hits of the season that we just keep coming back for more of.

Gewรผrztraminer โ€“ This wine really takes me back to when I first starting drinking wine and was one of the first ones I really enjoyed. Itโ€™s a full-bodied white sweet wine, which will make you appreciate the deep reds that much more.

  • Taste: Your sweet taste buds will sing and your nose will smell a floral punch packed with rose. It will tend to taste like the lychee berry with hints of cinnamon.
  • Pairs with spicy foods or by itself as more of a dessert style wine ย 

Sauvignon Blanc โ€“ Yes, this is a very popular Summer wine, but Spring is just the precursor to summer and there are enough hot days in spring to consider breaking out the Sauvignon Blanc just a bit early.

  • Taste: Sauvignon Blancโ€™s vary region to region, but the ones I enjoy the most are those that are light, crisp, and have a higher minerality due to the taste of stone fruits such as peach and tropical fruits such as pineapple.
  • Pairs with seafood, light fare, chicken, or relaxing on the porch.

Rosรฉ โ€“ The wine that always has a place in my heart and on my table with its pale pink color is the Rosรฉ. This is a dinner party champion as well as a cocktail hour favorite that has been gaining traction in the last couple of years. ย 

  • Taste: Usually fruity and light, it has a light minerality and comes in both Champagne and still versions for use on any occasion.
  • Pairs with light fare, seafood, or by itself

Pinot Noir โ€“ Every dinner party should contain at least one Pinot Noir for its crowd-pleasing taste as well as its range of pairings. Pinotโ€™s transition well from an appetizer wine to a dinner wine and everything before, after, and in between.

  • Taste: Depending on the growing area, the flavor of this wine can range from darker stone fruits to bright red ones, but will usually have a savory touch.
  • Pairs with grilled meat, poultry, pork, or even beef if you arenโ€™t too much of a stereotypical heavy red fan.

In wine and in life, you like what you like and if you want a heavy Cabernet Sauvignon on a hot spring day or a bottle of Rosรฉ with Christmas dinner, you do what you have to do. All wines are meant to be enjoyed during any season and for every occasion.

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