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  • Red Wine Grapes in Virginia

    Red Wine Grapes for Virginia Soil

    Which Red Wine Grapes Grow Best in Virginia?

    If you’re looking to start a vineyard, you probably have some questions about red wine grapes in Virginia. What grapes grow well? Should I grow red or white? When will the vines produce fruit? Every area has grapes that flourish and others that falter based on the weather, altitude, geography, and soil. While Virginia’s mild climate allows many grapes to grow well, some wine grapes grow better in Virginia than others. If you have questions about what red wine grapes to grow in Virginia, here’s a guide to the best varieties. Continue reading

  • owning a winery

    Owning a Winery: Francis Coppola

    Owning a winery is no small feat. Each winery has a story behind the creation of how it came to be. One winemaker and winery owner carried out his vision. The name Francis Ford Coppola may sound familiar to you. Because of movies such as “The Godfather” Trilogy, “Great Gatsby,” and “Apocalypse Now.” But did you know Francis Coppola owns some of the top wineries in California? Continue reading

  • Virginia Winery & Vineyard Market Stats

    The tourists are already coming, the newly engaged are already booking, and in some cases, the grapes are already growing. If you’d like to begin the search for a winery or vineyard to call your own, give us a call or shoot us an email at Virginia Estates. Continue reading

  • Thanksgiving Wine

    Thanksgiving Wine & Pumpkin Pie

    Here we are once more, where from month to month holidays and family get-together’s guide us to the end of the year. With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, the memory of parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and so many children running around. Here in Virginia, Fall is my favorite season Continue reading