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Ohio Wineries and Vineyards for Sale

Ohio is a gem for those looking to break into the wine market: a top producer in the United States, vineyard and winery acreage in Ohio is nonetheless more affordable than in other established regions. Ohio’s climate and geography make it ideal for producing a wide variety of wine styles. The state’s ice wines are increasingly gaining attention, winning first place in many international and domestic competitions. Southern Ohio is part of what is known as the “Pinot Belt,” meaning its climate is ideal for producing flavorful and rich reds. Since Ohio is now frequently discussed in wine magazines and competitions and it is on the brink of widespread popular recognition, this is the perfect time to find your own Ohio vineyard or winery for sale! 

Ohio’s Long History of Viticulture

By purchasing an Ohio winery or vineyard for sale, you’re joining a long, proud history of winemakers in the state! Ohio’s long history of wine dates back to the early 1800s when an entrepreneur in the commercial wine industry, Nicholas Longworth, saw the state’s potential. Longworth’s efforts were incredibly successful due to Ohio’s nurturing soil and climate, and by the mid-1800s Ohio was the top producer of wine in the US! Later, German immigrants brought their skills with colder-weather grapes to the Lake Erie Islands in Northern Ohio, where they planted many acres of successful vineyards. Over the last century, Ohio’s reputation for viticulture has continued to grow, with a large swath of the state known as the “Lake Erie Grape Belt.” 

Ohio’s Designated Wine Regions

Ohio’s varied regions are able to support different grape varieties based on the climate and soil of the area. The state currently has five areas that are recognized American Viticultural Areas (AVAs) because of their ability to support and nurture wine grapes. The state also boasts six different wine trails that wind through these AVAs. Those considering purchasing an Ohio vineyard or winery for sale should consider properties in these areas:


  • Ohio River Valley AVA – located near Cincinnati
  • Grand River Valley AVA – located in Northeast Ohio
  • Lake Erie AVA – located in southern Ohio and continues into Pennsylvania 
  • Isle St. George AVA – located near the Lake Erie Islands
  • Loramie Creek AVA – located near Ohio’s border with Indiana

Ohio’s Wine Market

Ohio has become increasingly popular with domestic and international wine enthusiasts over the last two decades, and is currently the sixth largest producer of wine in the country. In total, Ohio produces more than 9.5 million gallons of wine annually, which brings in $1.3 billion. There are currently almost 300 commercial wineries operating within the state, primarily in Ohio’s five recognized AVAs. Ohio has been gaining recognition in wine magazines and competitions, with five of its wineries listed as “wineries to know” by Wine Enthusiast. One of Ohio’s wineries – Heritage Vineyards in Warsaw – even has the highest rated wine in the country according to CellarTracker. With this recognition, wine tourism has grown exponentially, with more than 1.37 million tourists visiting Ohio yearly for its wine. 


Virginia Estates is ready to provide expertise to those interested in vineyards and wineries for sale in Ohio – from scouting the right property, to negotiating the best price, to closing on the vineyard or winery of your dreams!