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North Carolina Vineyards for Sale

Love southern hospitality and wine? North Carolina just may be the place for you. With views as varying as the varieties you’ll encounter in this friendly state, you might never leave. The climate is extremely comfortable, classified for the most part as a humid subtropical climate.

North Carolina Vineyards – American Viticultural Areas

American Viticultural Areas are more commonly referred to as AVA’s. These areas must be characterized by certain things. 3 things that make that distinctive include:

  1. Climate
  2. Soil
  3. Elevations

In North Carolina there are a total of five AVA’s. Here is the low down on those areas.

  1. Appalachian High Country – Particular to this AVA are high elevations. Whereas anywhere above, give or take, 800 feet above sea level, will be adequate for grapes, here grapes can be found anywhere from 2,290 feet and 4,360 feet! This means that this area is accompanied by a very unique set of challenges as well as benefits that come with high elevation and mountainside vineyards.
  2. Haw River Valley – This region has a particularly moderate climate that means sitting on a patio year-round may just be possible. With over 200 frost-free days a year, the grapes in Haw River experience a long growing season. This is accompanied by an extremely rich soil.
  3. Swan Creek – What a name! As if that wasn’t enough to draw you in this AVA is located in the Yadkin Valley that is surrounded by the Brushy Mountains. Basically, a great climate and a beautiful view. This soil is know to be distinctly mineral rich, and is known for it’s excellent ability to retain water and nutrients.
  4. Upper Hiwassee Highlands – Sweet wines up your alley? Winding rivers, and beautiful tree covered slopes may entice you here as well. The Appalachia Mountains are home to some North Carolina vineyards in this region.
  5. Yadkin Valley – Last but certainly not least, the Yadkin Valley. The Yadkin Valley proudly holds the title of being named the first AVA in North Carolina. The elevations remain moderate which accompanied by the Yadkin Valley promote a perfect environment for grapes to thrive. This area contains the most wineries and vineyards of all the AVA’s in North Carolina.

How it all began – North Carolina Wine

Does the name Sir Walter Raleigh ring a bell? Okay, quick history lesson. Mister Raleigh was an English gentleman who also happened to be a writer, a politician, a poet, a soldier, an explorer and a courtier who happened to help make tobacco popular in England. Yes, none of that really applies here except for the explorer part. Thus, he became instrumental in English Colonization of this great new world, America. Shortly after he arrived in the late 1500’s, vines were planted, and by the beginning of the 1900’s North Carolina was the leading wine producing area in the entire country. Wow!

Then, bam. Yup BAM. Prohibition was enacted by Congress. Mason jars were swapped in for the Chardonnay bottles.

Without fail, North Carolina prevails today. Prohibition hit the entire country. Now the wines here evoke our favorite aspects of this fine state, whether it be mountain trout or barbecue. Coupled with music festivals, the arts and crafts, local culture, wines and vineyards are not a separate part, but rather intertwined with all the things we love about this state.

What’s next? Wine Trails.

  • Shallow Ford Wine Trail – Tucked into the Yadkin Valley you will find four wineries that are sweeter that sweet tea. Hanover Park Vineyard has a front porch you may never want to leave. Medaloni Cellars sets you in the present moment with amazing walking trails and decks made for watching the sunset over the valley.
  • Southern Gateway Wine Trail – This may be just that. If you love barbecue as much as you love wine, this getaway will put you in hog heaven. Following along a ways with the Historic Barbecue Trail, your taste buds will surely not be disappointed.
  • Swan Creek Wine Trail – These four wineries each bring something dintinctly different to the table. Whether its a log cabin feel, a 1930’s milking parlor, a distillery or a 2 acre pond with a gazebo, you’ll have plenty to discover with only four stops.
  • Upwharrie Mountains Wine Trail – This wine trail brings you European varietals blended with native muscadine grapes? Sounds intriguing? Swing by and don’t forget to check out the views!
  • Yadkin River Wine Trail – Here you will find quaint family owned vineyards and wineries that are sure to win you over. Flint Hill is a historic home built in the 1800’s. Divine Llama Vineyards speaks for itself. Sanders Ridge makes you want to cozy in, and Ragapple Lassie Vineyards makes sure you’ve got the music to get you in the mood on Saturdays.