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Vineyards for Sale in Washington

Washington’s vineyards and wineries are some of the most famous in the country – and for good reason! Washington is ideally located for viticulture as it is on the same latitude of some of France’s best wine regions, Bordeaux and Burgundy. The state’s wine industry dates back to 1825 and has developed into a thriving industry over the last two centuries. Over the last few years, Washington’s wine industry has grown faster than any other agricultural sector as the popularity of the state’s wine continues to spread. In fact, the number of wineries in the state have more than tripled over the last decade due to the demand! If you’re interested in purchasing a vineyard in a thriving market, vineyards for sale in Washington are a great investment!

Washington Wine Regions

Today, Washington has 16 recognized American Viticultural Areas (AVAs) that are each known for producing distinctive wine reflective of its unique terroir. These are some of the state’s best-known wine regions for those interested in Washington vineyards for sale:

  • Columbia Valley: The state’s largest wine region encompasses ten smaller AVAs. This region is Washington’s most productive, growing almost all of the wine grapes used in producing the state’s wine! This region grows more wine grapes than any state other than California. 
  • Columbia Gorge: This wine region straddles the border between Oregon and Washington. There are significant variations in the terrain and climate within the small area so many types of wine grapes grow in the different microclimates. Because of this, the Columbia Gorge region is known as a “world of wine in 40 miles.”
  • Lewis-Clark Valley: While this region is newly recognized as an AVA, wine grapes have been grown here since 1872! Today, vineyards in this region grow more than 20 varietals. 
  • Puget Sound: The only AVA in the western portion of the state, Puget Sound is better known for its wineries than vineyards. As the marine climate can be challenging for viticulture, many of the wineries here source grapes from other Washington regions.

The Wine Market in Washington

Washington’s high-quality wine industry began humbly with a few home winemakers and has flourished into an internationally recognized $4.4 billion industry. The state’s wine is available for sale in every U.S. state as well as more than 100 other countries. Washington State is second only to California in terms of wine production. Over 40% of Washington’s 60,000 acres of vinifera grapes were planted over the last decade as the state’s wine industry exploded in popularity. Today, Washington boasts over 1,000 wineries and over 400 vineyards that produce more than 80 varieties of wine – a total of about 17.7 million cases annually. But Washington’s wine industry profits from more than its extensive wine exports: Washington’s extensive wine tourism brings in millions of visitors (and tourism dollars!) each year. If you’re interested in becoming part of a burgeoning wine industry, consider Washington’s vineyards for sale!