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Vineyards for Sale in Oregon

Oregon has been perfecting their unique wines for almost two centuries since early European settlers began planting and harvesting wine grapes in the 1840s! Despite this long, proud history of viticulture, it wasn’t until the 1970s that Oregon wines started to receive the recognition they deserve. Over the last 50 years, Oregon’s vineyards and wineries have increasingly received domestic and international acclaim for their complex and flavorful bottles. Experts have found that one of Oregon’s most notable wines today – its complex Pinot noir – is virtually indistinguishable from top-rated wineries in France. Oregon has emerged as a jewel of West Coast wine tourism with visitors flocking to the state to enjoy the local wine and fantastic views. If you’re looking for a vineyard in the U.S. that can compete with Old World wines, consider a vineyard for sale in Oregon!


The Wine Regions of Oregon

Oregon’s climate makes it ideal for viticulture: The long, warm summers mean an extended growing season, while the cool evenings bring a complex acidity to Oregon’s bottles. Award-winning wines are produced across the state, and each region’s wines showcase that area’s unique terroir. With our expertise, we’re happy to help you navigate the state’s many wine regions to find the right Oregon vineyard for sale for the wines you’re interested in producing. 


  • Willamette Valley: This is Oregon’s most popular wine region! The Willamette Valley is home to almost half of the state’s vineyards. The climate of this region makes it ideal for producing flavorful, award-winning bottles of Pinot noir. 
  • Columbia Gorge: This region is one of Oregon’s most popular with wine tourists thanks to its close proximity to Portland! Because of this, the region is ideal for those interested in venturing into hospitality as well as wine. 
  • Walla Walla Valley: This region includes northeast Oregon as well as the southeastern portion of Washington State. Bordered by the Blue Mountains, the Walla Walla Valley has an ideal climate for growing wine grapes thanks to the hot, dry summer months and cool September nights.
  • Central Oregon: This region is gaining more recognition as a viticultural hotspot thanks to its reasonably priced acreage and favorable growing conditions.


Oregon’s Wine Market

Oregon is one of the top growing wine markets in the U.S. and its market share continues to expand each year! Nearly 1.8 million cases of Oregon wine are sold each year – surpassed only by California and Washington. Almost 30,000 acres of land are devoted to viticulture, but with over 700 wineries in the state crafting wine from these grapes, the demand for more vineyards in Oregon continues to grow. Oregon is increasingly known by those interested in producing premium Pinot noir to rival European bottles at a budget price. If you’re interested in entering the wonderful world of wine, consider Oregon vineyards for sale as the state continues to establish itself against wines from California and France!