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Brazil Wineries and Vineyards for Sale

Brazil is the third-highest wine-producer in South America, with much of its wine consumed domestically. Each year, Brazil produces over 82 million gallons of wine, making it the 15th largest producer in the world! Today in Brazil, there are over 1,100 vineyards and wineries covering almost 200,000 acres, a number that increases each year to meet the growing demand. Over the last decade, Brazil has sharply increased the exportation of its wine to international consumers. If you’re considering investing in winemaking, strike while the iron is hot – Brazil vineyards and wineries for sale offer the perfect opportunity to profit from a rapidly growing wine market! 

Brazil’s Most Successful Wine Grapes

While Brazil’s vineyards and wineries grow many European and American varietals, Brazilian wines tend to have a distinctive flair that sets them apart from those produced elsewhere. Wines made in Brazil tend to be light, fresh, fruity, and easy to drink, particularly because of their lower alcohol content. 

  • Brazilian Red Wines: Merlot, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Franc, Syrah
  • Brazilian White Wines: Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling
  • Brazilian Sparkling Wines: Cuve Close (Excellence), Charmat, Muscat

Brazil’s Top Wine-Producing Regions

Due to Brazil’s enormous size, the climate and soil vary dramatically from the northern regions to the southern regions. Brazil has six different areas known for their wine – and each produces bottles that reflect the distinctive terroir of the area. 

  • Serra Gaúcha: This region is a favorite for Brazil vineyards and wineries, and it produces 80% of the country’s wine! The tropical climate in this region means that vineyards here can harvest grapes earlier than in other areas. Many viticulturists feel that the growing conditions here are most similar to those in Italy. 
  • Campos de Cima da Cerra: This region is also known as the Brazilian Subtropical Highland Grasslands and is one of the newest wine regions in Brazil! It is known for its moderate climate and cooling winds that allow viticulturalists to produce incredibly flavorful bottles.
  • Planalto Catarinense: All of the vineyards and wineries in this region are located on a high-elevation plateau. The altitude means that temperatures are cooler than in surrounding regions, enabling winemakers to grow many different varieties. 
  • Vale do São Francisco: This area of Brazil is the closest wine region to the equator, not just in South America but in the world! The area is generally hot and dry, and Brazil’s vineyards and wineries here owe their success to water from the São Francisco River. This river helps so much that the vineyards here see two grape harvests annually! 
  • Serra do Sudeste: While this region may be small, it is a powerhouse for Brazil vineyards and wineries! This area produces fine red wines, primarily from Cabernet Franc and Merlot grapes. 
  • Campanha: This region is the farthest south in Brazil, and it has recently been gaining recognition for its high-quality wines. The red wines from this region tend to be deeper and more complex in flavor because the humidity here is much lower than in other regions. 

Brazil vineyards and wineries for sale offer a chance to join one of South America’s most promising thriving wine industries. If you’re interested in Brazil’s vineyards and wineries for sale, we can help guide you through the process wherever you are in the world!