Winery/Vineyard in Porto

  • Porto - $4,556,186
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This winery/vineyard is a rare find, conveniently located in the district around Portugal’s second-largest city. The property has 12.5 hectares (30.9 acres) of land that are ideal for efficient grape-growing. Currently 9 of the 12.5 hectares (22.2 acres) have been planted. These established vines have an outstanding production rate, with an average annual yield of 160 tons. Since 3.5 hectares have yet to be planted, the vineyard/winery has the potential for signifcant expansion and production growth in the coming years. The vineyard has already been outfitted with a drip irrigation system. The property also boasts a beautiful 4,252 square foot home. This house is perfect for hosting guests or a growing family, with five bedrooms and five bathrooms.


For interested buyers who are not citizens of Portugal, this property presents a fantastic opportunity for the Portugal Golden Visa Program, an immigrant investor program that grants residency to buyers of certain properties and businesses.


  • 5 bedrooms
  • 5 bathrooms
  • 4,252 square foot home
  • 12.5 hectares (30.9 acre) total land for vineyard
  • 9 hectares (22.2 acres) currently planted vineyard
  • Current annual yield of 160 tons of grapes
  • Portugal Golden Visa opportunity

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  • Winery/Vineyard in Porto - $4,556,186
  • For Immediate Service: +1-866-794-6379
  • Email us for more details
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