Winery in Douro, Portugal

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This 18-acre farm winery is tucked away in one of Portugal’s most scenic wine regions in the picturesque Porto Ferrado, located in the parish of Santa Crus do Douro. It is conveniently located in the Porto district, the area surrounding Portugal’s second-largest city. This makes it easy for domestic and international wine tourists to visit year-round.

The stunning 13-bedroom, 15-bathroom villa’s architecture fits perfectly with the surroundings. Two of the villa’s three floors are built of stone, which recalls the charming traditional buildings of the area. In total, the villa is 10,764 square feet of luxury living. The building is designed for use as a home or hotel, depending on the needs of the buyer. It has been renovated with modern appliances and equipment to ensure comfortable luxury living. The building has a senior residence permit in addition to permits to operate as a Local Accommodations as it is currently being used.

The villa’s beauty is highlighted by the lovely leafy garden beside it. The garden features an orchard with varied and exotic fruit trees. This veritable Garden of Eden also boasts a swimming pool and serene lake that add to the feeling of tranquility. As the property has several agricultural outbuildings and 17.3 acres of unplanted ground, the farm is ripe for an expansion.

The property’s celler makes it well-equipped for winemakers and connoisseurs alike. The cellar is a spacious building with room for both wine storage and wine tasting. This provides the perfect place for visitors to the winery to sample and purchase the wines. The cellar is well-equipped for wine-making as the previous owners invested in sophisticated technology to support the making and bottling of superb wine. These innovative additions include a temperature circuit, cold system, and a legal and licensed sill. The winery is able to produce an average of 50,000 liters (100 barrels) of wine annually.

For interested buyers who are not citizens of Portugal, this property presents a fantastic opportunity for the Portugal Golden Visa Program, an immigrant investor program that grants residency to buyers of certain properties and businesses.


  • 13 bedrooms
  • 15 bathrooms
  • 10,764 square feet
  • 18 acre lot
  • Cellar/wine-tasting room
  • Portugal Golden Visa opportunity

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  • Winery in Douro, Portugal - $4,538,898
  • For Immediate Service: +1-866-794-6379
  • Email us for more details
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