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Vineyards for Sale in Vermont

While Vermont’s history of winemaking is relatively short – with the first viticultural experimentation beginning in the state in the 1980s – it is quickly becoming famous for its unique wines. Vermont’s first commercial vineyard opened in 1996, and today there are more than 20 vineyards and wineries in the state. While the state is becoming more well-known for its distinctive wines, the market is still wide open and ready for new vineyard and winery operations.

Since Vermont has a cold climate for grape-growing, the state’s vineyards and wineries focus on cold-hardy hybrid grape varieties. Vermont is also known for its natural wine and its groundbreaking methods of biodynamic wine production. If you’re interested in making your mark on a developing wine market, we can help you to find the perfect Vermont vineyard for sale!


Vermont’s Top Wine Grapes

Since Vermont’s temperatures can plunge below zero in the winter, the state relies on hardy, cold-resistant hybrid grape varieties. Because of extreme cold, some of Vermont’s most successful vineyards – including its first commercial vineyard, Snow Farm – are located in areas with unique microclimates that moderate the cold winters, for example near a lake. If you’re considering a vineyard for sale in Vermont, here are some of the most successful grape varieties to plant in the state:

Red Wine Grapes Grown in Vermont:

  • Frontenac: This grape is able to survive after temperatures drop as low as -30 degrees Fahrenheit! The wine produced has notes of cherry and stone fruit. 
  • Marquette: This complex wine is more tannic than most cold-hardy reds. It has complex notes of cherry, berry, spice, and pepper.
  • St. Croix: This wine grape produces fruity wines that have won awards across cold regions of the US and Canada. 

White Wine Grapes Grown in Vermont:

  • La Crescent: This new hybrid variety produces intense whites with strong body and balanced acidity. 
  • Riesling: Vermont’s most well-known variety, these wines can produce either sweet or dry. 
  • Traminette: This new hybrid was produced from the German grape Gewurztraminer. It produces a spicy white that pairs well with Asian food. 

The Wine Market in Vermont

Today, there are over 200 acres of grapes planted in Vermont, producing over 2 million gallons of wine annually. This makes Vermont the 9th state for wine production in the US! While Vermont’s wine market is expanding, there is plenty of room for new vineyards and wineries to join the scene. Many of the state’s newest vineyards and wineries have embraced Vermont’s enthusiasm for sustainability and are producing “natural” wines. These wines use the yeast naturally present in wine grapes for fermentation, rather than using additives and sulfites. This type of wine-making fits well with the state’s brand, and Vermont winemakers have had success with this niche market. Vermont is the ideal place to join a growing movement of sustainable wineries and vineyards, so contact us today to help you find a vineyard for sale in Vermont to meet all of your needs!