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Due to the delicate nature of marketing an on-going business, many winery owners choose to privately market their operation. works closely with a number of wineries which are privately available for sale with production capacities ranging from 1,000 to 40,000 cases per year and priced between $900,000 and $20,000,000.

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  • Profitable Hudson Valley Winery Estate

    Profitable Hudson Valley Winery Estate

    Seize the rare opportunity to own a thriving vineyard estate and prosperous winery business in the heart of the captivating Hudson Valley. Conveniently accessible from New York City,
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Vineyards for Sale in New York

New York’s long history of viticulture began in the 17th century when Dutch and Huguenot settlers began planting wine grapes in the Hudson Valley. By the 19th century, New York was producing wine for sale within and outside of the state. New York is proud to be home to the first bonded winery in the US, the Pleasant Valley Wine Company, as well as to the oldest continuously-operated winery in the country, Brotherhood Winery! Over the last decade, New York’s wine industry has continued to expand since 2011 when Governor Cuomo loosened restrictions on farm winery tasting rooms. For those interested in joining a thriving wine industry, there are new and established New York vineyards for sale to meet every requirement!


New York Wine Regions


New York’s wine regions are each known for producing wines that reflect their unique viticulture. If you’re interested in a New York vineyard for sale, we can help you to navigate the most popular viticultural regions in the state.



  • The Finger Lakes: Located approximately five hours from New York City, this region is known for its sweet Riesling wines. The lakes in the region help to regulate the climate, making the winters warmer and the summers cooler. 
  • Long Island: Most of the vineyards in this region are located far on the eastern end of Long Island. Despite hot summers, vineyards are cooled by ocean breezes off the Atlantic. The climate of the region is similar to that of Bordeaux, and it is similarly known for its Sauvingnon Blanc, Cabernet Franc, and Merlot.
  • Niagara Escarpment and Lake Eerie: Most of the grapes planted here in the northwest corner of the state are used for commercial grape juice production. However, in recent years new vineyards have had success growing and producing Riesling, ice wines, and French-American hybrid varieties. 
  • Hudson River Region: As the closest wine region to New York City, this region enjoys heavy wine tourism. While the region has 225,000 acres of potential vineyard land, only 500 acres have been planted so far – making this a great region for those looking for a New York vineyard for sale in an emerging market.


New York’s Wine Market

New York’s vineyard and wine industry has exploded over the last few decades. Today, New York is the third largest wine-producer by volume! In recent years, a study found that 35,000 acres in New York are currently used for wine production. Vineyards in the state have produced approximately 57,000 tons of wine grapes – which is valued at almost $38 million. New York’s wine industry creates about $11.5 billion in total economic activity, including $4.6 billion in wages. Wine tourism is also booming, with over 1.4 million tourists and over 4.7 million visits to New York vineyards and wineries! If you’re looking to join a growing wine industry, we can help you find a New York vineyard for sale to meet your needs.