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Vineyards for Sale in New Jersey


New Jersey is quickly becoming one of the most well-known states for wine production on the East Coast! The state has about 2,000 acres of farmland currently dedicated to viticulture, with more acreage being planted each year. The birth of New Jersey wine-making dates all the way back to the British colonies. In 1758, two New Jersey residents made history (and received a reward!) for producing wine of the same caliber as that produced in France. This kicked off the following centuries of an expanding and flourishing wine industry in New Jersey! Today, the Garden State is 7th in wine production in the country. Those considering viticulture in the U.S. should consider New Jersey vineyards for sale, where they can proudly join a long history of producing award-winning bottles of wine. 


New Jersey Wine Regions and AVAs


New Jersey’s mild summer and winter seasons make it the ideal environment for grape-growing. Much of the state boasts a mesothermal climate, providing grape vines with longer growth periods and more sun exposure. This is particularly true in southern New Jersey, where a longer summer supports more grape varieties than the north. Those looking for a vineyard for sale in New Jersey should consider purchasing in one of the state’s top recognized wine-growing areas, all designated as AVAs:

  • Outer Coastal Plain AVA: Due to the southern region’s favorable climate and soil, it is home to the majority of the vineyards and wineries in New Jersey. With the moderating forces of the Delaware Bay and Atlantic Ocean, the growing season can last up to 220 days.
  • Cape May Peninsula AVA: This is sub-region of the Outer Coastal Plain AVA. It has the longest growing season of anywhere in the state, allowing it to support many different varietals!
  • Warren Hills AVA: This is the oldest of New Jersey’s designated wine-growing areas. It is primarily known for growing French hybrid varieties. 
  • Central Delaware Valley AVA: This region surrounds the Delaware River and includes parts of Pennsylvania as well as New Jersey. While it is popular for vineyards, there are currently no wineries open in the area – making it the area ideal for those looking to break into an untapped market. 


The Wine Market in New Jersey


The Garden State is quickly becoming known one of the best wine regions of the Mid-Atlantic. Over the last decade, New Jersey’s 50 wineries frequently win awards and earn acclaim in major national and international wine publications including Wine Advocate and Wine Enthusiast. Each year, New Jersey wineries are able to produce almost 2 million gallons of wine, despite the state’s small size. This has a commercial value of more than $30 million annually! As its popularity grows, so does the market for more vineyards and wineries in the state! If you’re interested in joining a wine market gaining more followers each year thanks to glowing reviews and international awards, we can help you find the perfect vineyard for sale in New Jersey!