Vineyard in Rh么ne Valley, France

  • Rh么ne Valley - 鈧2,890,000
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This breathtaking 13 hectare (32 acre) vineyard property is located in the Rh么ne Valley, France鈥檚 second largest wine-producing region. The property is spread between two well-regarded wine-growing regions, with 2.8 hectares (6.9 acres) in Cru Vinsobres and 10 hectares (24.7 acres) in C么tes-du-Rh么ne Villages. The vineyard鈥檚 altitude allows you to look out over the nearby charming historic villages, with total panoramic views of the stunning surroundings. The views include the Ventoux wine-growing region, where wine has been produced for at least 2,000 years, and the French Prealps, the incredible subalpine mountain ranges just west of the French Alps.


The organic vineyard has been well-maintained with the premier grape varieties that the region is prized for. The new buyer will enjoy a recently completed winery with a capacity of 1,000 hectoliters (26,417 gallons). The listing includes the agricultural equipment needed to maintain the vineyard to the high standards it is known for. Given the region鈥檚 reputation, the proximity to the Dr么me Proven莽ale鈥檚 lavender fields, and the property鈥檚 easy accessibility via the highway, its location allows it to benefit from extensive wine tourism.


This property includes a beautifully renovated main house that is ideal for a family that enjoys entertaining. The expansive home boasts two living rooms as well as five bedrooms (one of which is the master bedroom with en-suite bathroom). The luxurious house is completed by an infinity pool where you can swim while enjoying unbeatable views of the vintage wine grapes in the Ventoux. There are three additional guest houses on the property that could be used to host friends and family or rented out as an additional stream of income.


With such breathtaking views in the ideal location, this vineyard presents a unique opportunity to purchase a serene home for your family that can financially support generations to come.


  • 13 hectares total (32 acres)
  • Newly-built winery
  • Panoramic mountain views
  • Prime tourist location
  • Easily accessible
  • Renovated main house
  • 5 bedrooms
  • Infinity swimming pool
  • 3 guest houses

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  • Vineyard in Rh么ne Valley, France - 鈧2,890,000
  • For Immediate Service: +1-866-794-6379
  • Email us for more details
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