Sonoma County Vineyards for Sale

Sonoma Wineries for Sale & Sonoma Vineyards for Sale

Sonoma wineries and vineyards rival Napa Valley, yet their differences leave something to be desired no matter which direction you decide to go.

When touring Napa Vineyards you make take a limo, in Sonoma, you may take a bicycle ride. Sonoma has a charm that is simply unmatched and will do wonders during a weekend away. If you are searching for a winery or vineyard for sale in Sonoma County, be sure to contact us and let us know what in particular you are searching for. As you can tell from the chart below, Northern Sonoma dominates the region for acres of vineyards planted. However, there are manyΒ smaller AVA’s that have thousands of acres of vines in the region as well.


Sonoma Wineries for sale